Some Old Favorites

One of our astute VIPs pointed out that two of the classic RPG modules, Weirder Tales…a Space Opera and Where’s George, weren’t available on DriveThruRPG. We had thought those PDFs lost forever, but another faithful VIP came through with their vault of oldies but goodies! If you’re one of those “gotta catch ’em all” types, now you can for only $6.98 apiece!

We also added the modules to the Barfly Bundle at no extra charge, but as DriveThruRPG is still…uh…going through a growth spurt, those changes may not be live yet.


- Kira Woodmansee

Art Director

* That stands for Vagabond's Invaluable Patrons, in case you were wondering, because y'all truly are priceless.