Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re currently collecting and correcting errata, and hopefully will publish a physical book by the end of March, assuming Real LifeTM doesn’t interfere.

Not yet, but we hope to create one in 2024. We’ll also be replacing the outdated copy on DriveThruRPG.

Yep, we’re doing that too! Join the Discord, follow Floating Vagabond on DriveThru, or check back here for updates.

We love Vagabond, but we still have to put our families and day jobs first, at least until the great machine uprising.

Ehhh…somewhat? The first edition modules have plenty of internal errors and inconsistencies of their own, and we simply don’t have enough time to hunt them all down and put them out of their misery. If you want to run an older adventure, you can keep the story and characters but use 2e rules and adapt them as needed for your game.

No. We only have so many hours in a week to devote to TF2V, and we’d like to spend it producing all-NEW adventures!

We don’t know. We’re aiming to release one new TF2V product per quarter in 2024, but if you’ve followed this game for any length of time, you probably know how often our best-laid plans get derailed by illness, family emergencies, alien invasions, etc. If you want to be among the first to know about new updates, join our Discord to get notifications.

Not technically, but you are limited by the number of points you can spend. You could play a starting Patron with a Strength of 10 and a Cool of 10, but all your other Stats will be 0 so you won’t be Kenough to do much of anything else.

You only need to roll Use Cheese if you’ve offset the power with the Activation Stink. Note that some powers require that Stink, however.

The fun ones can!

Robot Patrons and NPCs are sentient, and thus sophisticated enough that they, like their meatbag counterparts, may wish to occasionally drown out the existential agony of self-awareness. Treat all other robots as machines for game purposes.

As far as the Bartender decides is reasonable.

For example, if a Patron with the Newton Effect sees a zombie army and observes that corpses can’t form armies, the Big Boss’s entire undead legion could collapse if the Patron succeeds on their Shtick roll. But you don’t get to be the Big Boss of a zombie army without a Raise Dead Cheese power, so the NPC villain could just use their  necromantic mojo again. You would get a hilarious standoff of the dead soldiers being revived long enough to say the first thing a person would think of when rising from the dead (probably “what happened?” or “WTF???”) and the Patron unleashing the Newton Effect again, repeating this cycle until one of them fails their roll.

Remember, the Patrons can do crazy things…but so can the NPCs! Attach the Activation Stink to an NPC’s Cheese powers if you want a roll-off like this. For a more challenging villain, use a different Stink to offset the power.

Yes, at the Bartender’s discretion. In fact, just forget the rest of the FAQ and use that as your cardinal guideline. That’s why we added the Rhodium Rule, which is put fun and fairness first.

No RPG book can possibly anticipate the sheer variety of crazy scenarios every gaming group can concoct, so when in doubt, the Bartender has the final word. If the players are unhappy with a rule as written, change it. There’s no TF2V police to come to your house and throw you in Gamer Jail for doing it wrong.

P.S. The high cost of Stuff can motivate the Patrons to find jobs (or turn to crime) so they can afford it, and that’s how adventures start!