Melee weapon damage bonus confusion

The 6 weapons marked with ** add the damage bonus, but the other 11 weapons, such as the one-handed blade, do not. Why do short and two-handed blades get the bonus, but not medium-sized blades?


Fair point. Weapons without damage bonus should include things like machines (weedwhackers) or weapons for which brute strength wouldn’t help as much as accuracy (whips). We will clean this up in an upcoming round of revisions.

Page #s got mixed up

Pages 1 – 23 have the numbering bottle on the outside edge of the pages.
Pages 24 – 46 have them on the inner edges.
Pages 47 – 65 have them on the outer edges again.
Pages 66 – 72 see them switch to the inner edges again.
There are two page 72’s
Pages 72 (2nd 72) – 93 are back to outer edge.
Pages 95 – 111 are back to inner edge.
Pages 112 – 127 outer edge.
Pages 128 inner edge.
Pages 130 – 141 outer edge.
No page 143.
Pages 144 – 148 inner edge.


This is one of the mysterious formatting problems that appeared between the export of the PDF and the upload to DriveThruRPG. We will fix it in the next round of updates this spring.

Character sheet missing info

There isn’t anywhere on the character sheet to track Inebriation or Psychosis levels. Seems like we would need this.


You're right, and we fixed this! You can download a new character sheet for free at

Whips & Chains damage die conflict

In the Weapon Categories table, Whips & Chains do d12 damage, but in the Melee Weapons table, Whips do d6 and Chains do d8, which makes a lot more sense. Which is correct?


Use the specific values in the Melee Weapons table. The Weapon Categories table was meant as a generic guideline, but we'll change that to "varies" in the next round of corrections.

NPC Skill Levels are incorrect

It looks like many of the Skill Levels and Stats on the sample characters don’t add up to their listed Skill Totals. For example, Solomon Crane has Mix Drinks (4) and Common Sense (6) but a Mixed Drinks total of 5. Shouldn’t it be 10?


Yes, and we will fix this in the next round of updates this spring.

Dirty Fighting

If you have at least one level in Dirty Fighting, you may make a single additional Hurt People, Hurt People Really Badly, or Swing Nasty Pointy Thing attack every turn alongside your regular attack, without penalty. The damage for this special attack is 1d4, modified by your Damage Bonus. The shape this attack takes is entirely up to you, and is limited only by your own creativity and nastiness.”
When do you roll the Dirty Fighting Skill itself?


Use Dirty Fighting as the primary combat Skill for your main attack, and then make the additional melee roll using one of the auxiliary Skills.

Play Instrument

Did you really mean to use the antique sex-negative “VD” instead of “STI?”


It’s intentional, but just due to VD being an outdated term. No offense intended.

Typo in Vulnerability description

In the second sentence, ‘ouake’ should be ‘you take.’


We'll fix this in the next round of updates this spring.

Break Stuff

In the third paragraph, did you mean Slide the damage instead of Bump?


Nope, because Bumping always refers to increasing the die type, and if you're trying to damage something, we figure you want to cause the most destruction possible, otherwise what's the point? So Bumping is a good thing in this case.

Easy rolls are more likely to Spill

If a Spill occurs on a natural roll of the highest number on the die being rolled, then Spills are much more likely to occur on easy tasks than they are on difficult ones (1/4 chance of a Spill vs. 1/20 chance). That seems backwards.


That's technically correct, and that's what automatic successes are for! If the die type is lower than the Patron's Skill Total, they automatically succeed and don't even need to roll. They may choose to roll anyway to try for a Chug, but they risk Spilling. If you Spill on an optional roll, you still achieve your main objective, but you have to deal with unforseen consequences.

Certain images look weird in the PDF

A few of the images appear faint, with gritty, ill-defined lines. They’re mostly in the Stuff chapter, but it also affects the feloid image for Sneak Around.


Some of the TIFF art files had secret bitmap encoding, which didn't render properly in the download. We'll fix this in the next round of updates this spring.