An Elf,

 a Ninja,

 and a Carnivorous Teddy Bear 

 Walk Into a Bar…

 An Elf, a Ninja, and a Carnivorous Teddy Bear Walk Into a Bar… 

...what happens next is up to you!​

If entering your favorite tavern deposited you in a strange space bar, what would you do? Try to get home? Celebrate missing your coworker’s dumb baby shower? Open “diplomatic relations” with those aliens in the corner?

In Tales from The Floating Vagabond, you can do all this and more!

In the middle of an asteroid field sits The Floating Vagabond, a bar with a random dimensional portal generator built into the door. It scoops up unsuspecting patrons from across the multiverse for a roleplaying experience like no other.

This is the RPG for you if you want to play a space western, a superhero saga, and a high fantasy quest AT THE SAME TIME.

It’s the RPG Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Weird Al Yankovic would have created if they designed games. It’s a genre-mixing, dimension-hopping, ludicrously good time!

Tales from the Floating Vagabond: a drinking-themed comedy roleplaying game

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 Tales from the Floating Vagabond 

Created by Lee Garvin

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The Vagabond Team

Lee Garvin


Kira Woodmansee

Art Director

Drink: Irish coffee

Kira Does All The Things, from designing the book and creating graphics to wrangling the writers and building this website. She did her first freelance illustration at age 5 and has provided artwork for Dravakor, The Noble Wild, and the fantasy novel Ember of Dreams. Her myriad skills prevent people from realizing that she's actually a hyena in a human suit who once accidentally tattooed a barcode on herself for a LARP. Twice.
Favorite bar joke

Sean Ellis

Lead Writer

Drink: Campari & soda with a slice of orange

Sean Ellis is an author of several third-party supplements for Dungeon Crawl Classics from Stray Couches Press, Moon Dice Games, and Shield of Faith Games. He is the creator and sole author of Children of the Sun, described as “Mad Max meets the Aztecs,” available on DriveThruRPG. Sean is also a historical fencing instructor and competitor and has edited several books by historical European martial art luminaries.
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Sandy Antunes


Drink: Guinness 0.0

Sandy is. Beyond that, Sandy has written multiple gaming books (including Miskatonic University and Pioneer) and short form works (such as Doom: Semper Fidelis and other 1KM1KT entries) as well as LARPs, and was a co-founder of Sandy chooses not to accurately recall details from sessions of Vagabond, which is likely a good thing for all involved.
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Bill Keyes


Drink: Mike's Hard Lemonade

Bill is known as "teh ebil bunneh" (for reasons we can't explain). He claims to have won a rigged election for President, conquered the Midwest, been shot and killed at least once, sworn (and achieved!) vengeance on the gods themselves, crowned himself King of the World, become the archenemy of a llama, deposed the Pope, and had torrid love affairs with several starlets. It's unlikely any of it is true, but it's best to just humor him when he gets like this.
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